Sunday, May 8, 2011

Programming Skills – VII (WTAD) 640012 p2

  1. Write a Servlet to display all the headers available from request

  2. Write a Servlet to display parameters available on request.

  3. Write a Servlet to display all the attributes available from request and context.

  4. Write a Servlet which displays a message and also displays how many times the message has been displayed (how many times the page has been visited).

  5. Assume that we have got three pdf files for the MCA-1 Syllabus, MCA-2 Syllabus and MCA-3 Syllabus respectively, Now write a Servlet which displays the appropriate PDF file to the client, by looking at a request parameter for the year (1, 2 or 3).

  6. Assume that the information regarding the marks for all the subjects of a student in the last exam are available in a database, Develop a Servlet which takes the enrollment number of a student as a request parameter and displays the marksheet for the student.

  7. Devlop A Servlet to which looks for cookies for username and Password, and forword to a home.jsp in case the cookies are valid and forword to a login.jsp in case the cookies are not found or the cookies are not valid.

  8. Devlop a Servlet to authenticate a user,where the login id and password are available as request parameter.In case the authentication is successful,it should setup a new session and store the user’s information in the session before forwarding to home.jsp, which displays a user informations.

  9. Write a simple JSP pages to display a simple message.

  10. Write A JSP Page, which uses the include directive to show its header and footer


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Student of B. H. Gardi College of Eng. & Tech., MCA Department

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