Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Programming Skills – VII (WTAD) 640012 p1

  1. Write a JavaScript that shows how a variable’s type can be changed on-the-fly.

  2. Write a JavaScript that demonstrates the use of +=,-=,*=,/= operators.

  3. Create a form in html with two fields,minimum and maximum. Write javascript to validate that only numeric value is entered in both,and the value entered in minimum is less than the value in maximum.

  4. Write a JavaScript that finds out multiples of 10 in 0 to 10000. On the click of button start the timer and stop the counter after 10 seconds. Display on the screen how many multiples of 10 are found out within stipulated time.

  5. Write A javascript to generate two Random Numbers and find out minimum and maximum out of it

  6. Write a JavaScript to remove the highest element from the array and arrange the array in ascending order.

  7. Write a JavaScript to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit.

  8. Write a JavaScript to find a string from the given text. If the match is found then replace it with another string

  9. Write a JavaScript to show a pop up window with a message Hello and background color lime and with solid black border.

  10. Write a Servlet to display "Hello World" on browser


Prepared By:

Student of B. H. Gardi College of Eng. & Tech., MCA Department

(Nisarg Juthani, Kajal Savjani, Desai Paresh, Ramoliya Nilesh, Thanki Ravi.....)

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