Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Web Technology & Application Development (WTAD)

  1. Syllabus

    1. Web Technology & Application Development (WTAD)- 640002  old
    2. Web Technology & Application Development (WTAD)- 640002 (W.E.F. January2013)
    3. Web Technology & Application Development (WTAD)- 2640002 (W.E.F. 2013-14) New
    4. Programming Skills - VII (WTAD)- 640012
    5. Programming Skills - VII (WTAD)- 2640012 (W.E.F. 2013-14) New  

  2. Material

    1. HTML TAG Detail Download 
    2. HTML Material Download  New
    3. RFC 2616 HTTP/1.1 Protocol Download 
    4. Servlet Specifications 3.0 Download
    5. Servlet-3_0-final-javadoc Download 
    6. Unit -10 (New features in Servlet 3.0 - annotation, File Upload, Internationalization, Asynchronuous execution of processing) Download 
    7. WTAD PPT
      1. Servlet, HTTP Request Headers, Status Code, HTTP Response Headers Download
      2. Cookie, Session Tracking Download
      3. JSP Introduction, JSP Page Directive, Include Directive/action Download
      4. Java Bean, MVC Architecture Download

  3. WTAD Assignment - Download  New
  4. WTAD Tutorial - Download  New
  5. WTAD Old Question Papers
    1. 640002 (Jun-2011) (Regular) - Download 
    2. 640002 (Dec-2011) (Remedial) - Download 
    3. 640002_Gardi Internal (MAR – 2011) - Download
    4. 640002_Gardi MID Sem (April – 2011) - Download 
    5. 640002_Gardi REMEDIAL (April – 2011) - Download
    6. 640002_Gardi PRE GTU (April – 2011) - Download 

  6. Tutorial Solution

    1. ADD/UPDATE/DELETE Program (IMP for Practical) - Download
    2. Tutorial Solution by Gardi MCA Batch 2009- 2012 - Download
    3. Tutorial Solution by Gardi MCA Batch 2010- 2013
      1. Solution by Lakhyani Vishal - Download
      2. Solution by Patel Savan - Download
      3. Solution by Parmar Megha - Download
      4. Solution by Mundaliya Alpesh - Download

  7. Test

    1. Web Technology & Application Development (WTAD) - Test 1
    2. Web Technology & Application Development (WTAD) - Test 2

  8. WTAD Class Programs/Examples Download
  9. JDBC Drivers (MySql and Oracle) Download
  10. For any query related to WTAD make comment on this page.


  1. Thanks for sharing your incredible thoughts on Web application development services. it is valuable.

  2. Which code in JDBC where a maximum limit of database connection has been reached ???

    1. Did you mean, how to handle maximum limit of database connection.
      solution is you can put your code in try catch block. If any error occur then just check the number of error and check whether that number is equal to error related to maximum limit of database of not.

      Hope you get the proper answer, if not then write detail question.

  3. hi
    please give me the gtu wtad paper list if possible

    1. Dear Dhaval,
      I have already uploaded all those papers in this page.
      you can download it at 4th position in this page.

  4. sir,
    can you upload video tutorial on youtube ? because I don't understand what my faculty teaching in our collage. and if we ask then they show their power of failing us in internals.

    I am very disappointed. Education is not it should be nowadays.

    1. Don't be disappointed. download PPT, Books, Programs and other material from blog and you required daily reading and practice for that.
      We are not using any video recording otherwise definitely I should upload it. But you can found some video from google itself for advance java subject.
      Best of luck for your hard work.

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