Sunday, March 4, 2018

Practical List - Android Programming (3640015)

Master in Computer Application
Year II - (Semester-IV) (W.E.F. July 2016)

Subject Name: Android Programming I
Subject Code: 3640015

Practical List
  1. Create "Hello World" application. That will display "Hello World" in the middle of the screen in the red color with white background.
  2. To understand Activity, Intent
  3. a. Create sample application with login m(Check username and password)
  4. On successful login, go to next screen. And on failing login, alert user using Toast. c. Also pass username to next screen.
  5. Create an application to call specific entered number by user in the EditText
  6. Create an application that will show List of Countries in One fragment , and on selecting one country, second fragment should be displayed with name selected country and its flag.
  7. Understanding of UI :
  8. a. Create an UI such that , one fragment of screen have list of all the types of ca
  9. On selecting of any car name, second fragment of screen should show Car details like : name , launched date , company name, images(using gallery) if available, show different colors in which it is available.
  10. Understand resouce folder & Adapter :
  11. a. Create spinner with strings taken from resource folder(res >> value folder). b. On changing spinner value, change image.
  12. Create an application that parses given XML File.
  13. Create an application that fetches foreground and background colors from User. Save it as preference. On the next screen change background color and font color based on values passed by user. If no preferences are set then use Black and White as default background and foreground color respectively.
  14. Create an application that will create database with table of User credential.
  15. Create an application to make Insert , update , Delete and retrieve operation on the database.
  16. Understanding content providers and permissions:
  17. a. Read phonebook contacts using content providers and display in list.
  18. Create application that works like an alarm.
  19. Understand Menu option.
  20. a. Create an application that will change color of the screen, based on selected options from the
  21. Create an application that will have spinner with list of animation names. On selecting animation name , that animation should affect on the images displayed below.
  22. Create an application that will play a media file from the memory card.
  23. Create an application to take picture using native application.
  24. Create an application to pick up any image from the native application gallery and display it on the screen.
  25. Read messages from the mobile and display it on the screen.
  26. Create an application to send message between two emulators.

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