Sunday, July 16, 2017

Design and Analysis of Algorithms (DAA) Practical Solution

  1. Find square root of a number.

  2. Determine smallest divisor of an integer.

  3. For a given value of n, generate prime numbers <= n (more than one algorithms are possible)

  4. Find Xn. Iterative and recursive algorithms are possible.

  5. Determine product of 2 large integers using multiplication of their digits. For simplicity, assume both numbers to have same number of digits. This assumption can be relaxed subsequently

  6. Binary Search of an ordered array. Iterative and Recursive algorithms are possible.

  7. Sort a given sequence of numbers using (a) Bubble Sort, and (b) Merge Sort

  8. Knapsack problem using Greedy algorithm.

  9. Breadth First Search (BFS) in a binary tree.

  10. Depth First Search (DFS) in a binary tree.

Advance Programs
  1. Generate pseudo-random numbers.

  2. Strassen matrix multiplication.

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