Saturday, May 14, 2011

Programming Skills – VII (WTAD) 640012 p4

  1. Write a JSP page which uses tags available from the standard tag library JSTL

  2. Write A Servlet which uses the concept of Request forwarding & including external source in the current servlet context.

  3. Develop a JSP Page to display the personal information and result information of the student in two different tabular formats.

  4. Develop a JSP Page to perform database driven operations like insert, Delete, Update and selection with table named Student having fields like StudId, Name, and Address result.

  5. Write a JSP page to use JSP’s Page Directives.

  6. Write a JSP page to use JSP Scripting.

  7. Write a JSP Page to which uses Session Tracking for online shopping


Prepared By:

Student of B. H. Gardi College of Eng. & Tech., MCA Department

(Nisarg Juthani, Kajal Savjani, Desai Paresh, Ramoliya Nilesh, Thanki Ravi.....)

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